Risso's Respite

Halfway House Boynton Beach, FL

We opened the Risso’s Respite with the goal of providing a clean and safe space for those in need to prepare them for independent living in recovery. Our desire to offer halfway housing comes from years of experience treating addiction and alcoholism. What we found to be the most important aspect of long term recovery is community. At Risso’s Respite we were able to create a community of guidance, support, and accountability with the help of the residents and staff.

What makes Sam Risso Foundation’s halfway houses stand out?
  • First off, Risso’s Respite is a comfortable and safe environment where we uphold the highest standards of cleanliness compared to other houses.
  • We also believe in enforcing the rules with consequences. We believe that negative actions beget negative consequences and positive actions drive positive consequences.
  • There is zero tolerance for drug or alcohol use in the house, a standard of respect for all residents, and accountability within the house and from management.
  • We have a therapist run weekly groups with all the residence.
  • Together as a team we work on communication, healthy coping skills, and relationship building.
  • We cannot do alone what we can do together, so at RR we are big on community.
We have a strong group of men currently part of our program. If you would like to join please reach out.