Our Work

How We Help

Everything we do at the Sam Risso Foundation is on an individualized basis. When you come to us we ask what your goals and current needs are. We work with you to come up with a plan to reach those goals together.

Project Immersion

We provide resources for detox and treatment facilities. We cover the first month’s cost for halfway housing while creating a sustainability plan for you to be able to live independently. We create an individualized plan for each participant based on their needs and goals. This can include funding for therapy, transportation costs, and/or other needs.

Project Basic Necessity

We provide care packages with deodorant, lotion, hand sanitizer, mouth wash, wet wipes, water, snacks, etc. to those currently experiencing homelessness to help them receive the basic necessities and make living on the streets a little easier.

Peer Support

We provide one on one peer support in your early recovery to help aid and guide you along your recovery journey. Everyone on our team has lived experience with addiction and homelessness. When you come to SRF© for help you come to a safe place free of judgment. We aim to simply be a helping hand to assist you in reaching your goals.